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The University of Georgia Young Dawgs Program is a high school internship program designed to prepare high-achieving high school juniors and seniors for post-secondary education and future careers in their areas of interest.  The program is open to students from public, private, and home schools. The main requirement of the program is that the student has a 3.7 GPA-or higher.

During the school year, students are able to get high school credit by working through the Work-Based Learning Program or Gifted Program at their school. Home-School students can also receive credit if within the home-school curriculum.  The school works in coordination with Young Dawgs to provide the credit.

If a high school or an individual student is interested in learning more about the Young Dawgs Program please contact Jim Geiser at

Revised 04.18.17


Jack Wright

“My experience has been great and I would recommend it (Young  Dawgs) to every high school student that is planning on going to college because it provides a great opportunity to find out what you are interested in….”  
Jack Wright, North Oconee High School


Noor Sohal

"This has been an amazing opportunity and would recommend it to anyone interested in the science field."

Noor Sohal,junior, Lambert High School