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             As the country's birthplace of public higher education, the University of Georgia has enjoyed a rich history of excellence for more than 235 years. So, it is only fitting that UGA is home to one of the first internal executive search units in all of academia. In October of 2006, the UGA Search Group was born. 

             Rooted in excellence in executive recruitment and senior search strategies, the UGA Search Group distinguishes itself from external firms by providing full-life-cycle administration of the entire search process. The UGA Search Group actively recruits top leaders, but it also takes responsibility for the organization and management of the search process for our University partners by planning and executing all search-related activities. These additional undertakings include developing the search timeline, developing and managing all committee-related events and communications, creating on-campus schedules, and communicating with the University community regarding all aspects of the interview process. 

             Through the successful completion of more than one hundred executive searches, the UGA Search Group continues to assist in the elevation of the institution by attracting innovative leaders to call the University of Georgia home. What began as a boutique unit has grown to impact the very landscape of the senior leadership of the University. The foundation is, and always has been, excellence in the executive search process as we serve the University.




Our mission is to serve the University of Georgia as the premier higher education search group delivering stronger candidate pools and a more seamless process than any other executive search firm in the world.


The UGA Search Group seeks to attract leaders who will help bring the University of Georgia to become one of the foremost public research universities in the world.



    We pride ourselves on our ability to change direction at a moment’s notice.

    We eagerly pivot to align with and exceed our clients’ expectations.



   All we do, we do with passion.

   We are decisive in the face of change and uncertainty.

   We say “thank you” to everyone.

   We believe in servant leadership.

   We believe that we are all leaders.

   We believe in humility and gratitude.

   We value boldness and courage.



   We believe there is no gray area in honesty, integrity, or accountability.

   We believe that a culture of candor breaks down barriers and makes us all better.

   We take responsibility and do not shift blame.

   We aim to epitomize professionalism in every interaction, whether internal or external.



   When something works, we commit to sharing it across the institution.

   We strive to make our institution proud by being the best possible brand ambassadors.

   We maintain a cadence of accountability in individual and team performance goals.

   We strive to help the entire university recruit better, not just in our searches.

   We look out for one another.

   In all these areas and more, we aim for our partners to know us by our actions.



   We believe that good communication is critical to effective relationships, and effective relationships are key to being successful.



   We strive to be the hardest working group on campus.

   We strive for success the first time.

   We believe that we should bring a proposed solution any time we bring up a challenge.

   We pride ourselves on attention to detail and forethought.

   We give our best in even the most menial of tasks, knowing that if we do the small things well, the big things will follow.



   We look for creative ways to add value.

   We push ourselves to stretch our boundaries.



   We refuse to let fear keep us from trying new things or taking new approaches.

   We cultivate an expectation for innovation.

   We challenge the norm, constantly question our processes, and strive for constant improvement.

   We champion creativity in finding the best candidates through uncommon methods.

   We constantly ask ourselves, “How can we do it better now and how can we do it better next time?”

   We are, and always will be, a learning organization.



   We strive to anticipate the needs of others and take action to improve.

   We strive to over-deliver; we aim to give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.



   We meet our commitments, and we meet them on time.

   We have high expectations for communication and are timely and thorough in our responses.

   Time is everyone’s most valuable asset. We are respectful of others’ time, and we strive to add value to our institution in every area in which we invest our time.


 Please note that The UGA Search Group only handles select searches at UGA. To view all open positions, please visit UGAJobs.