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Background investigations are a condition of employment for most positions at UGA, including faculty and staff. The safety, security, and quality of education, research, and service are the University of Georgia's highest priority.   


How long does a background investigation take? 

A typical background investigation can take 1-2 weeks. This timeframe can vary significantly and sometimes takes longer than 2 weeks. More complex background investigations can take longer, such as those for individuals who have lived in multiple states or counties, those for international candidates, or those with backgrounds that need closer examination. Increases in hiring volume can also affect processing times. 


You can now  start the background check process early so that it runs concurrently with the rest of the hiring process. Be sure to move the hiring proposal to the"Recommended for Hire" state  in UGAJobs. This will automatically send an email to the "Initiator" of the position, which can be sent to the candidate to obtain consent to start the background investigation. 

who is required to receive a background investigation? 

The Chancellor of the University System of Georgia has mandated that background investigations (BIs) be conducted by USG institutions. Background investigations shall be conducted on regular full-time and part-time new hires and rehires, as well as temporary non-student hires. In addition, BIs will be performed on employees being promoted, transferred, reassigned, or reclassified into "positions of trust (PDF) (PDF)," unless the University previously conducted background investigations on such employees any time after July 1, 2002. Student hires will be exempt from the BI process, unless federal or state law requires a BI (e.g., working with minors, financial responsibilities, etc.). Whether a position is classified as a position of trust is determined by questions established in the hiring proposal within UGAJobs.