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Current Employees

Your time away from work is just as important as your time at work, so take advantage of your leave and learn more  about your options for paid leave, as well as family and medical leave below!

Learn more about paid leave options and how to submit a request.

Learn more about the UGA Shared Leave program.

Learn more about family & medical leave, how to get help, and how to submit a request.

Learn more about how to use your sick leave when you are feeling unwell.

Learn more about Paid Parental Leave available to new parents.

Learn more about the other extended leave available to UGA faculty and staff.

Other leave types available include blood donation, voting, bereavement, and more. Learn more here.


Access the UGA Finance & Administration leave polices.


Leave eligibility: Employees who work at least 50% time in one or more "regular" positions are eligible for leave benefits, pro-rated based on full-time equivilancy (FTE). Exceptions include Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) or Paid Parental Leave. Refer to the links above for eligibility requirements for each leave type.