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Supervisors' Guide to the Workers' Compensation Process

This guide will assist you as you help an injured employee through the initial steps of the Workers' Compensation process. Be sure the most recent Workers' Compensation poster and the Workers' Compensation Bill of Rights are displayed in your workplace.

The Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) uses pre-paid VISA cards for payment of Workers' Compensation weekly benefits. Display the poster about the Workers' Compensation Benefit Payment Card program.

Guidelines for employees working outside the United States

As soon as you learn an employee has been injured on the job:

  • If the employee needs emergency medical care, send the employee to the nearest hospital emergency room. An ambulance for emergency transport is a covered expense under the Workers’ Compensation program.

    New Select the button at right to report the injury  Report an injury


  • Download the First Report of Injury package of forms (three pages) and use as follows: 

    • Page 1: (Report of Injury or Occupational Disease.) Do not mail this document; instead, keep the completed form in your departmental files. Be prepared to produce this form if requested by Human Resources.

    • You should call to report the injury ONLY if the employee requires medical care as a result of the injury. If no medical care is needed now, but may be at a later date, you will then have all the relevant information in order to make the call. Finish the remainder of the packet as indicated below.

  • ONLY if the employee required medical care, the supervisorshould call 1-877-656-7475 to report the injury (if emergency care is needed, arrange for that care FIRST).
  • If the employee needs medical care and after the supervisor has reported the injury to the number above, the employee may call 1-800-900-1582 to arrange for doctor's appointments, prescriptions, surgery, and all other needed medical care.

For questions about payment of bills, reimbursements, lost wage benefits, or other financial matters related to workers' compensation, the employee or any physician, hospital, pharmacy, or other medical provider should contact the workers' compensation insurance carrier at:

Department of Administrative Services/Risk Management Services
200 Piedmont Ave SE
Suite 1208 West Tower
Atlanta, GA 30334
(Phone 404-656-6245 or 404-656-9484)

After the injury has been submitted online and documented by the supervisor by completing page 1 of the form packet, and reported to the number above (ONLY if medical care is required), by the end of the second business day after the injury:

Go back to the First Report of Injury packet of 3 forms and finish completing them. NOTE: SSN is required on page 1 form.

  • Pages 2 & 3: Complete these forms and mail them together to the address below. (If the employee is not available to complete and sign the Payment Election form and the Medical and Psychological Authorization form at the time of the injury, these forms should be signed and forwarded as soon as the employee is available to complete and sign them.)

Mail the Workers' Compensation Payment Election form and the Authorization and Consent to Release Information form to:

Department of Administrative Services/Risk Management Services
200 Piedmont Ave SE
Suite 1208 West Tower
Atlanta, GA 30334

If the injury causes the employee to miss 7 or more days of work:

If you need other assistance, please contact the UGA Workers' Compensation program at 706-542-2222.

Revised 06.07.16