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UGA Orientation/Onboarding System

Effective May 2, 2012, individuals who are hired at UGA or change benefits eligibility status will complete all required paperwork in the UGA Onboarding System. New hires and employees changing benefits eligibility status will receive an email from or a phone call from UGA Human Resources with instructions for accessing the secure Onboarding System.

Personnel reports

The personnel report for a new hire triggers the email for the Onboarding System. Personnel reports for new hires should be submitted prior to the new hire's start date; ideally, several days (or weeks) prior to the start date. Personnel reports for current employees who change benefits eligibility status should also be submitted several days prior to the actual change-in-status date.

Key information will be pulled from the personnel to create the electronic "packet" of paperwork in the Onboarding System; therefore; accurate information on the personnel is critical to the success of the Onboarding System.

bullet Onboarding System Administrative Users

Departmental users can access the Onboarding System to view the progress of their newly-hired faculty and staff. Get the Onboarding System User Guide

Departments that hire individuals who will not work on the UGA campus or any UGA facility (remote locations) should contact UGA HR about completing the I-9 process.

bulletNewly-hired faculty and staff

All newly-hired faculty and staff will receive an email invitation to visit the UGA Onboarding System and complete their new hire "packet." The email will include default login and password. The System features a 16-minute timeout feature for security purposes. If timed out, the employee may revisit the Onboarding System to resume completing the packet, using his/her login and password:

Questions about the UGA Onboarding System may directed to 706-542-2222 or