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UGA went live with OneUSG Connect HCM System on Sunday, December 16, 2018.  Links to access the new system and to user and practitioner resources are below.  Please be aware that new resources are being developed at this time and will be posted as soon as available. 

In addition, we have created a quick reference to assist with which system will now be used to initiate common personnel-related actions:

UGA Onboarding System

Effective May 2, 2012, individuals who are hired at UGA or change benefits eligibility status will complete all required paperwork in the UGA Onboarding System. New hires and employees changing benefits eligibility status will receive an email from


bullet Onboarding System Administrative Users

Departmental users can access the Onboarding System to view the progress of their newly-hired faculty and staff.

Departments that hire individuals who will not work on the UGA campus or any UGA facility (remote locations) should contact UGA HR about completing the I-9 process via

bulletNewly-hired faculty and staff

All newly-hired faculty and staff will receive an email invitation to visit the UGA Onboarding System and complete their new hire "packet." The email will include default login and password. The System features a 16-minute timeout feature for security purposes. If timed out, the employee may revisit the Onboarding System to resume completing the packet, using his/her login and password:

Once the Onboarding packet has been completed

Additional actions must be taken by the new hire to complete the employee’s records:

Present required I-9 documentation

The new hire must present proof of identity and eligibility to work (I-9 required documentation) to the HR representative in your department within 3 business days of your employment. UGA complies with The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.  Those who have not completed Section 2 of the Form I-9 within 3 business days will not be eligible to continue employment and the position will be terminated with UGA.

Enroll in benefits where applicable

Any questions concerning benefits or retirement choices (regardless of benefit type), should be directed to or contact UGA Human Resources for assistance at 706-542-2222 and schedule an appointment with a senior consultant.

Pay Yourself!

After MyID creation and Archpass Duo has been completed, the new hire will have access to to OneUSG Connect.  OneUSG Connect is a system of record with UGA. The new hire is asked to complete these important steps to ensure that they are paid correctly. Please complete the following payroll functions through Employee Self Service (ESS): W4, G4, and Direct Deposit information.  Please access OneUSG Connect via For those employees who are not US citizens or US Permanent Residents (including F1, J1, H1 and other visa types), you will complete these forms via GLACIER.

Direct questions or inquiries regarding MyID and Archpass Duo, please visit: or dial (706)-542-3106.

Time and Absence

Contact your Human Resource representative to ensure you have been set up correctly for Time and Absence. This includes your time entry method (Kaba Clock, Web Clock, Pay From Schedule), your Overtime/Compensatory Time accruals, and the 14 hour special leave accrual, when applicable.


Questions about the UGA Onboarding System may directed to




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