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Starting Tuesday, March 17th, University Human Resources will be primarily operating in a remote fashion. Our goal is to minimize disruption and maintain operations as normally as possible. The S. Jackson St. University Human Resources office and the Training and Development Center will be closed beginning March 17th. Our staff will be working remotely to allow for social distancing while we still do what is required to serve our students, faculty and staff.

Please visit our website often. This information is subject to change and will be regularly updated.

We encourage you to monitor the University of Georgia coronavirus website for updates.

UGAJobs (Consolidation of FacultyJobs and IPAWS)

As the OneSource Project is planning for the implementation of PeopleSoft’s Human Capital Management System in January 2019, Human Resources is working to consolidate FacultyJobs and IPAWS into one instance of PeopleAdmin by July 2018. This consolidation is necessary to enable PeopleAdmin HR employee data (name, demographic info, position, department, etc.) to feed directly into PeopleSoft.

A process called “Position Management” will be implemented in FacultyJobs when it consolidates with IPAWS in July. Position Management has been utilized in IPAWS for staff positions for many years, but this will be the first time this process will be used for faculty positions. Graduate and post-doctoral positions also will utilize position management. Benefits of using PeopleAdmin’s Position Management functionality for UGA positions include:

  • Ability to integrate PeopleAdmin and PeopleSoft, thereby reducing redundant entry of employee data in various systems (note that the WebDFS personnel document will be required from July-December 2018 pending implementation of PeopleSoft HCM in January 2019);
  • Ability for units to update a position at any time, including changes to an employee’s duties and responsibilities, reports to structure (supervisor) and funding source(s);
  • One applicant portal for all UGA positions;
  • One point of entry for units to manage all of their UGA positions, including posting, applicant tracking and hiring proposals. Users will log in to this entry point with their UGA MyID and password.

Human Resources has charged a FacultyJobs Position Management Advisory Team composed of representatives from various units to prepare for the implementation of Position Management for faculty positions. This team will call on other stakeholders to assist with user testing and provide feedback prior to implementation.

We will provide more information to the campus community as we proceed with this project. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Mike Gorman at 706-542-7332 or

5/18/18:  FacultyJobs to UGAJobs Unit Preparation and Transition
5/15/18:  iPAWS and FacultyJobs Consolidation Timeline and System Outage Memo
3/30/18:  Consolidation of FacultyJobs and iPAWS Memo

FacultyJobs to UGAJobs Unit Preparation Calendar
Email Template for FacultyJobs Applicants Who Must Reapply in UGAJobs  

Closing postings in FacultyJobs:
If you would like to close a FacultyJobs posting, please send an email request with the posting number to


Training for UGAJobs Faculty Position Management, Postings and Hiring Proposals:

Units will be required to use the position management module to manage faculty positions in UGAJobs beginning July 9, 2018.

Additional training opportunities will be available post go-live and will include technical, by appointment, drop-in office hours, user guides and training videos.

For ongoing training opportunities, please register at UGA Training & Development at:

If unable to attend an in-person training session, you may view a live unedited recorded version of the training at: (edited version of the recording will be available following UGAJobs go live)

Please don’t hesitate to contact HR Faculty Support at if you have any questions.




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