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Timing of the Job Evaluation Process for Creating and Evaluating Position Descriptions

Job evaluations and reviews are performed for new jobs and can be requested for current jobs. A request to create or evaluate a position must be submitted in UGAJobs and accepted as completed.

The Classification team will review the content of the request for completion, and contact the departmental HR Representative informing them of the acceptance/return of the evaluation materials within 1-3 business days. This step is only for the acceptance of materials, not the evaluation of the position.

Once the request has been accepted, the Classification team will begin the job evaluation process. A Classification Consultant will be in contact with the department to schedule an initial meeting in person or over the phone to discuss the department’s request and review of their materials. Based on the complexity of the request additional meetings may take place to include interviews with; the affected employee, the employee’s supervisor, and/or other pertinent stakeholders.

It is our goal to have a decision returned within 2-4 weeks. You will receive notification of the decision via the UGAJobs transaction. 

Position Management & Classification 

Action Type




New Position

3-5 business days from time of submission to Central HR


Reclassification of Occupied

10-14 business days (depending on availability of department to meet)

Decisions given/additional information requested within 5 business days of in-person evaluation.


Reclassification of Vacant

3-5 business days from time of submission to Central HR


Update Position Description

3-5 business days from time of submission to Central HR


Any type

1-2 business days from time of submission to Central HR


Workflow State Names & Definitions

Workflow State


Central HR

Your action has been received by Central HR but has not been reviewed by a Position Management consultant.

Initial Review

Your action has been opened by a Position Management consultant and checked to verify that all necessary content/material has been received.

Review in Process

Your action is being actively evaluated. This step involves conducting inter- and intra-departmental benchmarking, market analysis, and content validation.

Awaiting Departmental Response

A Position Management consultant has reached out to the department requesting additional information and is currently waiting on the department to respond.

Administrative Review

Your action has been elevated for review by a member of the UGA HR leadership team. This can be due to the following reasons; appeals of determinations, reorganization requests, highly complex actions, etc.

Compensation Review

The classification has been approved, and the action is now pending compensation review.

Action Denied

This is a terminal workflow state for position requests that have been formally denied by UGA Human Resources.

Position Approved

This is a terminal workflow state that indicates the position request has been formally approved.


Information about the Appeal Process 

If the supervisor and/or department head are not satisfied with the determination, a written statement with justification for appealing the decision may be submitted via email to the Director, Employment & Classification within ten (10) working days.

A Vice President, Dean, or Administrative head may appeal the decision of the Director, Employment & Classification to the Chief, Human Resources Officer.

Additional Resources

For Classification Guidelines, please see Classification Guidelines

For assistance in preparing the position description, please see Tips on writing a position

For information on how to prepare for a position evaluation meeting please see The Evaluation Process




Revised 6/4/2018