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iPAWS Upgrade FAQs:

Why the upgrade?
The upgrade will simplify and standardize online position requests, hiring practices, as well as provide updated tools, features, and resources. This transformation will resemble the design and functionality of the FacultyJobs System (UGA’s faculty position vacancy system). The result of this upgrade will not only align iPAWS with FacultyJobs, but will prepare the university community for the new HCM PeopleSoft System.

What is changing?
The new iPAWS platform, version 7.6, will replace the current 5.8 version, allowing unit administrators the ability to better manage the position management and applicant tracking process.

  • Position Management: The new platform will provide units with the functionality to create, evaluate, or modify positions electronically. This platform will also include the job evaluation packet as a part of the online process when reclassifying or creating new positions. Having a more robust position management process will lend itself to an efficient applicant tracking process. This is because unit administrators have already signed off on critical elements of the position. With this work behind them, the unit is now able to focus on the recruitment (posting) and hiring process (hiring proposal) in a more streamline manner.

  • Applicant Tracking Process: The new platform will provide units with the functionality to collect references, add supplemental and/or pre-qualifying questions, include search committee review and participation, and ensure the unit is meeting the needs of state and federal compliance hiring regulations.

iPAWS Upgrade Advisory Committee
In order to provide the project with campus community-based needs and recommendations, an advisory committee has been formed. The principle responsibilities of the committee are to provide advice and recommendations to the project relating to requirements and design development, balance the specific interests of their constituency with a broad understanding of all HR partners' needs within the campus community when making recommendations, and partner with the project team to share the outcomes of their discussions at campus events and other public outreach forums.

How should my unit prepare for the change?
As of August 2017, there are 400 active posting within iPAWS. To reduce the transitional workload for our units, the decision was made not to transition any open positing from the current 5.8 system to the upgraded 7.6 system. Your HR Employment team will work on your unit’s behalf to manually make changes in the new system, specifically if any hiring proposal was processed and completed in the 5.8 system after go-live.

When will site triggers be turned off in the current iPAWS 5.8 System?
When a position is closed/filled in the current 5.8 system, all applicants are notified of the status. As we move to clean up the open positions we have requested for the site triggers to be turned off effective October 2, 2017. Moving forward during this transition if your unit prefers to notify applicants of the change to the position status they will need to do so outside of the iPAWS system.

What is the Implementation System Schedule?
Below includes the project’s transition schedule. To best prepare for this changeover units should begin working to develop unit based strategies regarding the closing of all open positions, the timing of posting new positions in 5.8 and new position requests that will need to be posted in 7.6 system.

11/28/2017          Go Live!
11/20/2017          iPAWS lock out period until Go Live (week of Thanksgiving)
                           *Date end-users will not be able to access the system due to the transition.
11/19/2017          All postings close; Applicants can no longer apply
11/08/2017          No more actions submitted in 5.8; this includes all Reclassification requests, Modify requests, or New position/posting requests

What happens if I post an opening now?

You may continue to post openings now in iPAWS 5.8. Note that all positions in version 5.8 will be closed to applicants on November 19, 2017; hires must be completed by December 31, 2017.

What happens to my positions posted in version 5.8 after November 19th?
Beginning November 20th, there will be a number of important differences between positions posted in versions 5.8 and 7.6:

  • Active positions in iPAWS 5.8 will not be searchable on  Candidates will need to create a new login in 7.6 to search available job openings.
  • If a posting created in version 5.8 has closed, and the hiring department wants to reopen the search, then a new posting must be entered into version 7.6.

What if I wait until after November 8th?

Beginning November 28th, all new postings are required to be created in version 7.6. Notable details:

  • Applicants will need to create a new user ID and password when applying for open positions.
  • Employees at UGA will have the employee role within iPAWS version 7.6
  • Administrative users will need to request new user access using the new iPAWS User Access Form.

What is a turnaround time that I can expect for my position to get posted?

As of November 28th, positions will be posted in the order in which they are received.  In anticipation of a temporary increase in volume of actions submitted, departments can expect slightly longer turnaround times to post positions once received by Central HR.


iPAWS Upgrade Applicant FAQs:


Will my Applicant Account Transition to iPAWS 7.6?
You will need to create a new, separate username and password in iPAWS 7.6.  Once a new account is created, you can search, and apply for, available job openings.

What will happen to any applications I have submitted prior to the go live date?

For any positions that have not been filled, you will no longer be able to see your application status in the system after the go live date. You will receive a communication on the status of your application once the hiring department has reviewed all candidates in the pool. 

What should I do if I get a browser error message when I try to find the new website?

Please delete all history, bookmarks, and favorites related to the old website then try again. Also Chrome and Mozilla (Firefox) browsers are the best to use.

How will I submit an application if I want to be considered for a position?

You will click on the Create Application link. You will then be taken to a screen describing the process and how to proceed with completing the application.

Will my application, application information, or documents be automatically transferred to the new system?

No, documentation and applications WILL NOT BE TRANSFERRED. After creating a new user account and an application when applying to a position, the information will be prepopulated each time you apply to other positions. We recommend that you save previous information and attachments.



Revised 10/13/2017