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Voluntary plan life changes

(Allows enrollment or adding dependents outside the enrollment period)

Certain qualifying life-change events allow a voluntary plan-covered student to enroll him/herself outside of an enrollment period. Students can also add dependent coverage after the close of the enrollment period for certain qualifying events.

Coverage under the voluntary student health insurance plan can be added for the following qualifying events:

  • Loss of coverage or eligibility on another plan – includes both student or dependent coverage
  • Marriage – add a newly eligible spouse
  • Birth or adoption of a child – add a new dependent child
  • Guardianship appointment – add a new dependent child
  • Arrival of a spouse or dependents in the country – add spouse and/or dependents within 30 days of arrival in U.S.A.

Students must elect enrollment within 30 days of the qualifying life event. Coverage can be added for the remainder of the current coverage period elected. Premiums are not prorated.

To enroll, students must complete and provide the following within 30 days of the qualifying event:

1. Voluntary Plan Qualifying Event Form

2a. Domestic Students: Voluntary Plan Enrollment Form


2b. International Students: Voluntary Plan Enrollment Form

3. Voluntary Plan Qualifying Event Required Documentation 


The enrollment forms and documentation should be mailed to UGA Human Resources for review. If enrollment is approved, you must follow the payment instructions on the Voluntary Plan Qualifying Event Form.


Revised 7/10/2019