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Student dental insurance

The enrollment period for 2019-20 coverage is closed.

Students enrolled in credit hours at UGA during fall semester are eligible to purchase optional dental insurance coverage through United Healthcare. 

Coverage can be purchased on an annual basis only during the fall enrollment period. Coverage dates are August 1 through July 31. The annual premium must be paid in full at the time of enrollment and is paid directly to United Healthcare Student Resources during the enrollment process.

Dental Insurance Plan

2019-2020 Annual Premium





One Child


Two or more children


Spouse and 2 or more children


Add the above premiums together to determine the total premium for the appropriate desired student and dependent coverage.  Dependents cannot be covered unless the student is covered.

View the policy brochure on the United Healthcare Student Resources site.

The UGA Health Center Dental Clinic is considered an out-of-network provider under this insurance plan.


Visit the United Healthcare Student Resources enrollment site.

  1. Select the 2019-20 policy year
  2. Find the policy you're interested in (be sure to choose between "domestic" or "international") and select "Explore Policy"
  3. Select "Enroll Now" in the bottom right corner of the page

Students may contact United Healthcare Dental Customer Service at 1-877-816-3596 for questions about the student dental insurance plan or to request an ID card.



Revised 10/16/2019