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Mandatory Plan (Hard Waiver Plan) - Premiums


The enrollment and waiver period for Summer 2024 is April 24, 2024 – June 24, 2024.  

Summer 2024 Effective Dates: 
May 1, 2024 – July 31, 2024






Students required to participate in the mandatory plan must enroll in each coverage period separately (Fall and then Spring/Summer). Coverage cannot be purchased on an annual basis.

Premiums and methods of payment depend upon your student status. Please note: there is no partial-semester coverage. E.g., if you enroll for Spring/Summer coverage and finish your studies in March, you are covered through July 31 and are responsible for payment of premiums for the entire Spring/Summer coverage period.




Health Insurance Premiums


Fall 2023
(coverage 8/1/23 - 12/31/23)

Spring/Summer 2024
(coverage 1/1/24 - 7/31/24)
Summer Only 2024
(coverarage 5/1/24 - 7/31/24)
Student $1,194 $1,662 $718
Spouse $1,313 $1,828 $790
One Child $1,313 $1,828 $790
Two or more children $2,626 $3,656 $1,580
Spouse + 2 or more children $3,939 $5,484 $2,370


Add the above premiums together to determine the total premium for the appropriate desired student and dependent coverage.  Ex., A student wishes to have Fall coverage for the student, a spouse and one child.  The total premium due for Fall coverage for a student ($1,194), a spouse ($1,313) and one child ($1,313) is $3,820. Dependents cannot be covered unless the student is covered.





UGA Premium Subsidy for Student Only Coverage: UGA will pay 50% of the premium for student only coverage for graduate students receiving qualified assistantships, qualified fellowships, or qualified training grants. The 50% premium subsidy applies only to health insurance coverage for the Student Health Insurance Plan’s student only coverage and does not apply to any health insurance plan option chosen from the health care exchange or marketplace.  The subsidy applies to Fall coverage and Spring/Summer coverage only.



2022-2023 UGA Premium Subsidy for Eligible Mandated UGA Students
(Student Only Coverage)


Student Contribution

UGA  Contribution Total Premium
FALL 2023
Coverage from 8/1/23 - 12/31/23 $597.00 $597.00 $1,194.00
Coverage from 1/1/24 - 7/31/24 $831.00 $831.00 $1,662.00
Coverage from 5/1/24 - 7/31/24 $718.00 $0.00 $718.00


Questions about student health insurance can be directed to or 706-542-2222.





Mandated Students:

  • The premium for student coverage is placed as a single charge on the student’s UGA student account.
  • Students eligible for the UGA premium subsidy will have a Health Insurance Premium Waiver (detail code OH19) applied to their UGA student account to cover 50% of the premium for student coverage.
  • Students on a graduate assistantship have the option to pay this balance in full by the due date or cover it by enrolling in the Graduate Assistantship Payment Plan. Visit the UGA Bursar and Treasury Services website for information about the Graduate Assistantship Payment Plan (select Student & Parents, then Payments).
  • If a student has an approved waiver request to opt out of the mandatory plan, a student health insurance waiver is applied to the student’s UGA Student Account within seven (7) business days from the date of the waiver request approval. The waiver covers the charge for the mandatory student health insurance plan premium.

Dependent premiums are paid directly to United Healthcare Student Resources at the time of enrollment.  The coverage period premium is due in full at the time of enrollment.




 Questions about student health insurance can be directed to or 706-542-2222.


Questions concerning plan benefits or claims can be directed to United Healthcare Student Resources customer service at 866-403-8267.