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Mandatory Plan (Hard Waiver Plan) - Enrollment & Cards



The enrollment and waiver period for Fall 2024 is July 17, 2024 – September 13, 2024.  

Fall 2024 Effective Dates: 
August 1, 2024 – December 31, 2024



Enroll/Activate Coverage

Coverage under this plan cannot be prorated or ended early.

In order for a mandated student to access the enrollment or waiver system form, the student must be included in the eligibility file that the University sends to United Healthcare Student Resources. To be included in the eligibility file, you must be registered for classes during the semester and the charge for mandatory health insurance must be assessed to your UGA Student Account.  You can access the insurance company’s system approximately 48 business hours after the charge is assessed to your UGA student account.

You must take action to activate your insurance coverage!
To use your insurance at the earliest possible date, activate your coverage by completing the electronic Opt-In form  (select “Opt-In”). Use your 9-digit student ID (81x) number and date of birth to access the form.

Once this form is submitted, your coverage will be active in the United Healthcare Student Resources system, and an ID card will be generated within approximately 48-72 business hours. Your coverage will become active in the insurance company’s system once you complete this activation form.

Automatic Enrollment
At the close of the waiver period, the university will automatically enroll any mandated students who do not have an approved waiver request to opt out of the plan  or who did not already activate coverage themselves. This process cannot occur until the waiver period closes and all waivers are processed.  If you need to access your insurance prior to the automatic enrollment processing occurring, you need to complete the Opt-In form to activate coverage yourself!



Insurance ID cards are available electronically approximately 48-72 business hours after a student completes the Opt-In form. Students can access their insurance ID card electronically 24 hours a day through their United Healthcare My Account. Register or sign in to your United Healthcare MyAccount at United Healthcare does not mail insurance cards.


Questions about student health insurance can be directed to or 706-542-2222.

Questions concerning plan benefits or claims can be directed to United Healthcare Student Resources customer service at 866-403-8267.