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UGA Journeys: Navigating Your Career Path


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University Human Resources (UHR) has started a multi-year program to modernize career development for staff, as well as staff and faculty supervisors. The program, UGA Journeys-Navigating your Career Path, will feature new tools and procedures that provide a continuous career development model that's clear and easy to use so you can grow in your career here at UGA.

What it is:

  • Career path options that are easy to understand, so you can choose the path that is best for you.
  • Development courses to help you grow in your role and prepare for possible future roles when they are available.
  • A new staff evaluation process and tool to encourage growth conversations about performance.
  • An effort to provide competitive salaries based on market research.

What it isn't:

  • One mandated set of steps you are required to take.
  • An automatic promotion once you complete all the courses in your development plan.
  • The only feedback tool available during the evaluation process.
  • An automatic pay increase for everyone.

We welcome you to reach out to with any questions. 

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