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Other resources for parents

Paying for child care

The Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows employees to pay for dependent care expenses such as day care and summer camps for children under age 13 by allowing pre-tax contributions to a flexible spending account.

Childcare and Patient Services (CAPS) helps low income families afford quality child care and is administered in all 150 Georgia counties through the local Department of Family and Children Services.

Paying for college

Georgia Section 529 Higher Education Savings Plan 

Gacollege411, Georgia’s Hope Scholarship 

Minnesota Life Insurance’s LifeWorks online portal gives advice and tips for planning and paying for college. LifeWorks resources are available to all employees who receive the basic no-cost life insurance from Minnesota Life.  When logging into the portal, use Username:  lfg   Password:  resources.

Educational support leave

Educational support leave allows each full time, regular UGA employee to apply for up to eight hours of paid leave per calendar year for activities that are directly related to student achievement and academic support, such as attending parent-teacher conferences, participating in classroom activities or field trips, and other activities.

Child development resources

UGA Cooperative Extension Service offers a Guide for New Parents that provides information and programs for professionals, parents, and other caregivers on the developmental needs of, and healthy strategies to care for, infants, toddlers, and young children.

Better Brains for Babies provides current information about brain development and effective ways to support healthy brain development in children and adolescents.  

United Way of Northeast Georgia Success by 6 is an educational resource, developed from a study of local kindergarten teachers, which outlines specific skills that an incoming kindergarten student should possess when beginning the school year.

UGA Cooperative Extension Service offers educational information for youth and adolescent development.

UGA Cooperative Extension Service provides resources for professionals, parents and caregivers on promoting the positive development and safety of school-age and adolescent youth.  
UGA Cooperative Extension Service offers a series of publications on parenting.

Guides from the American Academy of Child & adolescent Psychiatry

Minnesota Life Insurance’s LifeWorks online portal provides informational resources for parents. LifeWorks resources are available to all employees who receive the basic no-cost life insurance from Minnesota Life. When logging into the portal, use Username:  lfg   Password:  resources.

The UGA Curriculum Materials Library, 207 Aderhold Hall has books and DVDs for children and young adults to check out.

Testing, evaluation, and services

Babies Can’t Wait provides developmental evaluation, at no cost to families, to determine whether children ages 0 – 36 months have developmental delays or disabilities.

UGA Psychology Clinic provides testing and counseling for children with learning disabilities, attention problems, hyperactivity, and other problems.  Fees for services are set on a sliding scale in consideration of the family or individual’s gross income.  The first step is to call the Clinic at (706) 542-1173.

Center for Counseling and Personal Evaluation, UGA College of Education offers testing and counseling for children and adolescents.  Counseling service fees are set on a sliding scale depending on income.  Psycho-educational testing and assessments are a flat fee of $695.

UGA Applied Behavior Analysis Support Clinic, College of Education. A team of therapists, usually graduate student clinicians, overseen by a case manager who is a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA), will work closely with your family to evaluate problem behaviors that are interfering with your child’s learning and quality of life. The services are free of charge. The Clinic is located in Room 593 Aderhold Hall, 110 Carlton Street, 706-542-4588.

UGA School Psychology Clinic, College of Education offers comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation services for preschool- and school-age children and adolescents for concerns such as learning disabilities, ADHD, and behavioral problems. There is a flat fee of $1,300 for a full psychoeducational evaluation and the clinic does not accept insurance.  For more information or to make an appointment, call 706-542-4265.

UGA Speech and Hearing Clinic, College of Education offers services and evaluations for hearing, swallowing, or communication problems.  The clinic offers audiology and language services such as speech and hearing screenings and hearing aid evaluation and sales. The clinic also offers communication services such as accent or dialect reduction and transgender voice and communication assistance. Free speech & hearing screenings for ages 3 and older are offered each fall and spring semesters.  

UGA Speech and Hearing Clinic Summer Intensive Communication programs for children and adults is a two-week program to help children and adults with speech, literacy, and language skills at a variety of levels

The Reading Clinic, College of Education is offered every Spring Semester for students K-12 grade.  Tutors work one-on-one with students on reading and comprehension.  Parents should contact the Clinic in the fall for consideration for the Spring Clinic, at 706-542-7866.

Pediatric Exercise and Motor Development Clinic, College of Education provides an activity program for children ages 2 to 14 who need assistance in physical and motor development.

Counseling for parents

Minnesota Life Insurance LifeWorks online portal offers parenting counseling services with an experienced consultant who can provide expert advice through all stages of parenting. LifeWorks resources are available to all employees who receive the basic no-cost life insurance from Minnesota Life.  When logging into the portal, use Username:  lfg   Password:  resources.

UGA’s ASPIRE Clinic (College of Family and Consumer Sciences). ASPIRE graduate student therapists can assist with relational concerns that may occur at home, work, and school. ASPIRE therapists are skilled in helping clients with parent-child relationship concerns, family disagreements and conflict, child and adolescent issues, and family transitions and changes. Services are provided on a sliding fee scale.  For an appointment or for more information about the ASPIRE Clinic, please call 706-542-4486 or email

Athens Community Counseling on Aging, Grandparents raising Grandchildren offers services such as workshops, transportation, support groups, and other services for grandparents raising grandchildren.

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