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Team Development

Help your team succeed and flourish!

T&D provides a wide variety of programs for teams and groups of faculty and staff across UGA. When a team participates in a T&D program, it can catalyze lasting change to make team members work together more effectively.

We facilitate team experiences, workshops, retreat sessions, and assessments that focus on four main areas:

  • Team building
  • Communication
  • Innovation and problem solving
  • Change management

*Workshops denoted with an asterisk have a materials cost associated with them. Units will be responsible for covering this cost. We can also customize a session based on your team’s specific needs.

We would love to work with your team!

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Team-building Workshops


Becoming a High Performing Team

High performing teams actively work to combat five common dysfunctions that negatively impact our work environments, productivity, and opportunities for innovation. Learn how to apply Patrick Lencioni’s model and create a more cohesive and effective team. This workshops will provide a brief assessment of your team and tips for addressing the obstacles that are getting in your way.

Build a Better Team

We all bring different skills, experience, and ideas together to fulfill the mission of the University of Georgia. All teams can benefit from the opportunity to increase employee engagement, encourage trust, and establish open communication. Invest in creating a culture of learning and improved performance for your team. Through several interactive activities, your team members will identify their individual values and purpose as it relates to the team, why their work is important, and how they can contribute to the mission of your unit together.

Find Your Why

You understand your job, but do you know what inspires you? What is the purpose of your work, and how does it fit into your unit’s mission? Identifying WHY you do what you do can help you find more joy and satisfaction in your work. Let us lead you and your team through Simon Sinek’s call to “Find your why” and start reaping the benefits of a shared vision. Increase performance, spark innovation, and strengthen your team through this interactive workshop.

Learning Circle

Work with Training & Development staff to select a book, article, video, online training, or other media to use as a backdrop for an active session of professional learning and conversation. Our staff will facilitate the first discussion then provide follow-up suggestions for team members to continue the learning within your unit. Team members will have the opportunity to grow and develop together as a cohesive group.

Speaking the Language of Appreciation*

Research continually shows that job satisfaction, employee engagement, and productivity are positively influenced when an employee feels appreciated by those around them. Learn how to communicate authentic appreciation in ways that are the most meaningful to your coworkers, and create a more positive work environment for your team. Participants in this workshop will learn the different styles of sharing and receiving appreciation, how to identify their own style, and tips to best appreciate different members of your team in a way that makes them feel valued.

Communication Workshops


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the combination of using self-awareness to manage your emotions and understanding other people’s moods, behaviors, and motives in order to manage your relationships successfully. Emotional intelligence is often the “hidden quality” among star performers and is a flexible set of skills that can be acquired and improved with practice. In this workshop, learn about Daniel Goleman’s model of emotional intelligence and how you can build stronger team relationships, improve your communication skills with your teammates, and practice leadership within your team.

Fierce Conversations*

When your team can communicate effectively, people stick to the point in meetings, goals become clear, and projects move forward. In Fierce Conversations training, your team will learn: 1) what to talk about, 2) how to talk about it effectively, and 3) why it matters to the bottom line. You’ll address real-world scenarios in pragmatic workshops with sticky takeaways. Fierce will show you how to have conversations that spark action and boost your bottom line.

Handling Conflict

Let’s be honest, conflict is just a part of everyday work-life. Because conflict is so common, who wouldn’t like to be better at handling it? Let’s have a conversation about what conflict really is, why it’s important to learn how to handle conflict successfully, and what tools, tips, and techniques you can start using today to better handle the conflicts on your team and in your work-life.

Hogan Assessments for Your Team*

The Hogan Personality Inventory describes how we relate to others when we are at our best by measuring our “reputation” or how others view us, as opposed to our personal “identity” or how we see ourselves. This assessment can help individual team members assess their strengths as they approach different work and leadership opportunities.  One-on-one debrief conversations with certified Hogan coaches will allow team members to understand opportunities for growth and develop strategies to improve performance. Take advantage of this service as individual team members or participate in a team debrief together to enhance productivity and understanding of differing communication and problem solving styles.

Working Across Team Member Styles

Every team member brings with them different experiences, paradigms, and work styles. Learn how to welcome the diversity that each member of your team brings to the office through articulating the benefits of diverse perspectives, and discovering the strengths and weaknesses of your own individual styles.

True Colors*

Effective communication is essential for great teams, yet our different personalities and communication styles can often be misunderstood by our colleagues. Complete the True Colors Assessment with your team and discover how your behavioral tendencies and preferences may be interpreted by others. Together, you’ll learn how to support each other, improve your communication, and strengthen the potential of your team as a whole.

Innovation and Problem-Solving Workshops


Balancing Competing Team Priorities

Ever feel like you are being pulled in two equally important but opposite directions at work? How does your team respond when everything seems like a priority? This workshop will help your team see the whole picture and walk you through a process to manage and balance your competing priorities. 

Creating Customers’ Experiences

A commitment to customer service is at the core of UGA’s mission, yet with the current pace of work and a constant need to produce, we often fall short of providing excellent service. Together, we will identify your customers or clients and discover new strategies to create the best experiences for your clientele, stakeholders, and closest colleagues.

How to Make Toast

Using a simple design exercise, learn how the systems thinking approach can help your team solve problems creatively and clarify what is really important to your department or unit. This workshop can be adapted to help you identify your purpose, realize who you are serving and what they want, or define your strategy to reach your organizational goals.

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

You can’t manage time. There are only 24 hours in a day; 60 seconds in a minute (unless you’re in spin class, and then 60 seconds is at least an hour!). You cannot extend time, but you can increase your ability to use time effectively by managing your energy. Through a personal energy audit, participants will identify energy draining habits and then discuss practices that will replenish their energy and build physical, emotional, and mental resilience. These practices can help renew personal energy and increase one’s capacity to think, create, and get work done. 

Unleashing Creativity to Drive Innovation

Innovation is the key to adapting to every changing environment, but you can’t have innovation without making yourself more creative. IBM conducted a global survey in which they interviewed over 1500 top executive in 60 different countries asking, “What quality is most desirable in a CEO”? The answer: creativity. Thankfully, creativity is not just an innate trait that you are either born with or not -- it can be developed in anyone or any team. Your team members will learn 5 techniques to help them unleash their creativity to drive innovation. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Lessons from Elite Performers

Elite or expert performers tend to work smarter, not harder. Research in productivity and “elite performers” has found that the experts share some basic characteristics and work habits that have contributed to their success. This workshop will examine the five traits that all elite performers share and discuss ways to adapt those traits to our own daily lives so that we, too, can be become elite performers.

Change Management Workshops


Change Style Indicator*

The Change Style Indicator is an assessment designed to measure an individual’s preferred style in approaching and addressing change. It provides team members and leaders with insights on personal preferences for managing through change and provides context for how those around them might perceive and respond to their preferred style. Participants in this workshop will take the Change Style Indicator assessment then debrief it with their other team members.

Navigating Team Change

Change…some of us love it and some of us hate it, but we all have to navigate it. One of the greatest indicators of a healthy and productive team is the ability to understand and support one another through change in order to create greater organizational impact. This interactive workshop asks teams to identify and reflect on minor and major changes they have experienced and anticipate strategies to handle upcoming change. Together, we will come to new and shared understandings of how we navigate change as a team.

Overcoming Your Own Immunity to Change

Have you or your team struggled to move forward on a goal? Do you seem to fall back into old patterns and habits despite your best efforts? If so, you may have hidden, internal, or unconscious barriers to change and a collective mindset that keeps your team stuck. This workshop takes your team through a process to help surface those barriers and collective mindset in order to make progress on critical goals for your team’s success.

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*Workshops denoted with an asterisk have a materials cost associated with them. Units will be responsible for covering this cost. Please contact us for details.


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