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We're back! Beginning Monday, August 10th, 2020; University Human Resources (HR) will begin Phase 3 Return to Campus operation which means we will be open during UGA's normal business hours (8 AM till 5 PM, EST). Our offices require face coverings and social distancing guidelines as set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and outlined in the University of Georgia Return to Campus guide.

Please visit the websites below often as each page is subject to change and will be regularly updated.

Important Pages Related to Phase 3 Return to Campus:

Phase 3 Telecommuting/Flexible Scheduling Guidelines

Return to Campus Guidelines for Faculty and Staff

Important Pages Related to COVID-19 Operations

University of Georgia Coronavirus website

University Human Resources Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) website

University Human Resources Frequently Asked Questions website

UGA Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program

Team Development

Help your team succeed and flourish!

This fall, T&D will offer team development experiences strategically designed to help teams of faculty or staff thrive in challenging times.

These opportunities are suited to be delivered to your unit virtually and focus on:

  • Team learning
  • Virtual connections
  • Team-building
  • Communication
  • Innovation

See the list of workshops below for more details.

We would love to work with your team!

Complete the online request form or contact us at or 706.542.7062 for more information.


Learning Circles

Work with Training & Development staff to select a book, article, video, online training, or other media to use as a backdrop for an active session of professional learning and conversation. Our staff will facilitate the first discussion then provide follow-up suggestions for team members to continue the learning within your unit. Team members will have the opportunity to grow and develop together as a cohesive group.

If you prefer to get started on your own, view this Learning Circle Guide to connect and learn with your team while working together in person or virtually.

Tools for Virtual Connections

Connecting as a team can be challenging, but Training & Development can help! We will help you identify ways you can restore purpose to your meetings and help you discover new ways to use technology to foster connection, even if you’re working from a distance. Learn about features of Zoom and Microsoft Teams that can help you work more effectively together and discover strategies for team connection in the current environment.

Team Values and Expectations

We all bring different skills, experience, and ideas together to fulfill the mission of the University of Georgia. All teams can benefit from the opportunity to increase employee engagement, encourage trust, and establish open communication. Invest in creating a culture of learning and improved performance for your team. Through several interactive activities, your team members will identify their individual values and purpose as it relates to the team, why their work is important, and how they can contribute to the mission of your unit together.

True Colors

Effective communication is essential for great teams, yet our different personalities and communication styles can often be misunderstood by our colleagues. Complete the True Colors Assessment with your team and discover how your behavioral tendencies and preferences may be interpreted by others. Together, you’ll learn how to support each other, improve your communication, and strengthen the potential of your team as a whole.

Unleash Creativity and Innovation through FourSight*

Recognize your role in the innovation process and spark creativity with the FourSight Creative Thinking System. Prior to the workshop, each team member will complete an individual assessment and receive a report that reveals where they shine brightest during the innovation process. Together, the team will discover each other's problem-solving preferences and learn how different thinking styles approach unique challenges. This workshop will help you leverage your team’s natural strengths and create the environment necessary for innovation and creativity.

*This workshop has an assessment fee. Units will be responsible for covering this cost. Please contact us for details.

Interested in a T&D team workshop? 

Complete the online request form or contact us at or 706.542.7062.  We can also customize a session based on your team’s specific needs.  Please contact us for more information.


Updated 8.4.2020