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University System of Georgia (USG) Ethics Policy Training

(Additional information and FAQ below)

New-hire USG Ethics BASIC training USG Ethics REFRESHER training

All newly-hired employees should complete the USG Ethics BASIC course within 30 days of hire.

Accessing the USG Ethics BASIC training

You will use eLearning Commons (eLC) to access the Ethics training. Please do not use Internet Explorer! Use an alternative browser. Please note:

  1. You should know that all newly-hired employees must be added to eLC (by their departmental ethics liaisons) in order to access the training. You will not see the USG Ethics BASIC course until your departmental liaison has added you in eLC. Locate and contact your departmental ethics training liaison.
  2. Once you are in eLearning Commons, if you experience computer problems, contact your departmental IT professional for assistance or contact the EITS Helpdesk (706) 542-3106.
  3. Be sure your speakers are on.

The training will take approximately 20 minutes.

Click here after you have been added to eLC (see #1 above) to log in to eLC. You will need your MyID & password. If you do not have a MyID, please contact EITS helpdesk at or (706) 542-3106. After login, select USG Ethics BASIC course.

The Board of Regents periodically requires all University System employees to complete the Ethics REFRESHER training.

When REFRESHER training is required, you will see information in this area.

If you need help

Don't see the course in eLC? Speak to the person who hired you about locating and contacting your departmental ethics training liaison.
Trouble logging in to eLC? Contact UGA Help Desk or 706-542-3106.
Having trouble navigating or completing the Ethics course? Contact or 706-542-4501.
Frequently Asked Questions about the USG Ethics Compliance training

Why do I have to take this training?

The USG is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct in pursuit of its mission to create a more educated Georgia. The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia requires all new employees to complete Ethics BASIC training and periodically requires all employees to complete an Ethics REFRESHER course. You may view the USG Ethics policy at

What will happen if I do not complete this requirement?

(The following is taken from the BOR policy requirement website:

The USG requires basic training for all new hires and periodic “refresher” ethics training and related certification courses. In the event any employee refuses to complete any required Ethics training and certification, the institution shall follow the process as outlined below:

In the event an actively employed employee fails to complete USG Ethics training and certification or other required training the employee shall be subject to disciplinary action consistent with Board Policy up to and including termination. Upon initial failure to complete the training in accordance with the published deadline, the institution shall have 30 days to obtain the employee’s compliance with the required training and certification using disciplinary procedures consistent with institutional procedures and Board Policy up to and including termination. If the employee has not remediated the requirement within 30 days, then the disciplinary process outlined as follows shall be implemented. Nothing in the following process shall be construed as preventing the institution from taking measures it deems necessary to obtain compliance prior to the end of the 30-day period. Upon failure to complete the required training and certification, the immediate supervisor of the employee shall convene a meeting and issue a verbal warning. If the employee does not remediate this requirement within three business days of having received the verbal warning, the employee will be relieved of any supervisory (personnel) or budgetary responsibilities until such time as the employee successfully completes the training and certification.

In the event a tenured or non-tenured employee with faculty rank continues to fail to complete the training and certification, the President shall remove the faculty member for cause consistent with the policy and procedures outlined in Board Policy 8.3.9. If the faculty member is tenure-track, non-tenure, or part-time and/or adjunct and refuses to complete the training and certification, the faculty member shall also be subject to non-renewal of contract or non-reappointment.

All non-faculty employees shall have a total of 10 business days from the date of the verbal warning to complete the training and certification. If the employee still fails to complete the training and certification at the end of the 10 business day period, then the employee shall receive a final written warning and will be given 10 additional business days to complete the training. If the employee continues to fail to complete the training by the regular close of business on the 10th day after the issuance of the final written warning, then s/he shall be terminated.


Revised 5/11/2018