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Begin the process of hiring Graduate Assistants according to the hiring deadlines set by your college or department. We recommend beginning no less than 45 days before the start date. Graduate Assistants are employees and are subject to all the steps in the new hire process. 

  Step Description Est. Timeframe
1   Secure Funding Work with your college or department business office to determine how the payroll for the position will be funded.
Varies by unit
2   Post the position in UGAJobs

Work with your HR Liaison to determine the correct person in your unit to set up the position in UGAJobs and obtain a direct hire link. Ask the new Graduate Assistant to "apply" via the direct hire link created for your position posting.

2-5 days
Sign offer letter You do not need to wait for this step to continue working on the other steps here. Assistantship letter templates are available here
Can do this any time pre-hire
4 Move candidate to Recommended for Hire in UGAJobs and initiate background investigation

Depending on the duties of the position, a background check may be required prior to beginning employment. Be sure to move the hiring proposal to the Recommended for Hire state in UGAJobs. This automatically sends an email to the initiator of the position that should be sent to the candidate. This email contains a link for the candidate to consent to a background investigation.

It is critical that you communicate with your candidate to look out for this email and to take prompt action upon receipt. This is key to timely processing. 

1 day
5 Consent to background check If the Graduate Assistant is being hired into a "position of trust" and a background check is required, the new Graduate Assistant will receive at least one (possibly multiple) emails from our background check vendor, Accurate. The candidate must click on the link in each email received and consent to each portion of the background check. This consent will allow Accurate to process the background check.
1-2 days
6 Background investigation The background investigation is completed via a third party vendor. Additional information on factors that can affect timing are available here
1-2 weeks
7 Employment Completion The candidate will be moved to All Approvals Obtained status in UGAJobs. University Human Resources will coordinate with the new hire to complete the hiring process.
1 week



  • International student resources: Resources are available on this webpage for international students, including information on banking, getting a Georgia driver's license, housing, food and shopping, and much more.

  • OGE will be notified automatically: The Office of Global Engagement (OGE) will be automatically notified of this new Graduate Assistant. OGE will contact the individual 30 days before his/her start date to assist. This will not impact the hiring process.

  • Immigration status: Work authorization does not need to be renewed every semester. F-1 visa students are authorized “incident to status” to work on campus up to 20 hours per week. J-1 visa students need initial work authorization to begin the position. The student must renew authorization annually through OGE. OGE can work with the individual on this.

  • SEVIS record: OGE will also help to activate the individual’s SEVIS record. Note that this cannot happen until the student arrives in the U.S. and completes the immigration check-in process. For questions, please contact OGE.

  • Background investigation delayed? If the background investigation is still pending as the start date for the Graduate Assistant approaches,  the UHR team is here to help. Please contact University Human Resources for assistance. Be sure that the background investigation consent has been completed by the new Graduate Assistant. This consent is key to UGA's options.