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Benefits snapshot for prospective faculty and staff

Are you considering employment at the University of Georgia? The benefits listed below are a valuable part of your total compensation package! Most benefits are available through payroll deduction.

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Health insurance

Our faculty and staff may choose from four plans: Comprehensive Care, Consumer Choice HSA, BlueChoice HMO, and Kaiser Permanente HMO. All plans include no pre-existing condition restrictions. Each plan has four coverage levels: Employee only, employee + child, employee + spouse, or family.

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All employees must participate in a retirement plan. UGA offers three retirement plans:

  • Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRS)
    All regular, non-exempt, benefit eligible employees participate in this formula-based defined benefit plan. You contribute 6.0% of your pay towards TRS and are vested after 10 years. You are eligible to retire penalty free under the following conditions:

    --Completion of 30 years of creditable service - regardless of your age; or
    --Completion of 10 years of creditable service, and be age 60 or older.

    If you have an active TRS account, you may retire after completion of at least 25 years of service and be less than age 60, but your retirement benefit will be subject to an early retirement penalty. The penalty is determined by whichever is less:

    --How close you are to age 60, or
    --How close you are to having 30 years of service.

    Specifically, if you retire early, your monthly benefit will be permanently reduced by the lesser of one-twelfth of 7% for each month you are below age 60, OR 7% for each year or fraction of a year by which you have less than 30 years of creditable service. A TRS representative can fully explain the penalty calculation to you. If you are paid monthly, the TRS option is an irrevocable choice you must make within 60 days of employment or contract date.

  • Optional Retirement Plan (ORP)
    In lieu of participating in the TRS plan, faculty and exempt staff may choose the ORP, a portable defined contribution plan. ORP participants are vested immediately. UGA contributes 9.24% and you contribute 6% of your pay. You choose how to invest your retirement funds from choices provided by three companies. Your retirement income is based on the performance of the investment choices you made and is limited to the value of your account. If you are paid monthly, the ORP option is an irrevocable choice you must make within the first 60 days of your employment (or contract) date.

  • If you are paid monthly and you do not choose a retirement plan you will be defaulted to TRS and 3 months of contrbution (18%) will be deducted from your third check.

  • Georgia Defined Contribution Plan (GDCP)
    Temporary, seasonal, and part-time employees (less than 50% time) participate in the GDCP. You contribute 7.5% of your pay.

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Life insurance
All benefit-eligible UGA faculty and staff members receive $25,000 in personal life insurance at no cost. You may purchase additional coverage for yourself, your spouse, and children.

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Dental insurance
Dental coverage is available for individuals and their families. Employees can choose from the Base plan or the High plan. 

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Accidental death & dismemberment insurance
AD&D is inexpensive coverage for accidents which cause injury or death. AD&D coverage is available in multiples of $10,000; from $10,000 to $500,000.

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Vision insurance
The vision plan covers exams and helps pay the cost of frames, lenses, and contacts. If you choose to buy vision insurance, it will supplement any vision benefits included in your health plan, if your health plan includes wellness vision coverage.

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Long term disability insurance
Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance provides you continuing income (under most circumstances, up to 60% of lost monthly income not to exceed $10,000) if you are unable to work for at least 90 days as a result of serious illness or injury. Premiums are paid after tax, so any benefits will not be subject to income taxes.

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Short term disability insurance
Short term disability provides partial income replacement (up to a maximum of 60%) if you are absent due to non work-related illness or injury lasting up to 11 weeks.

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Tax deferred savings plans: 403b and 457b
Pre-tax and/or post-tax Roth contributions help you save for retirement. You may start saving with TDAs at any time.

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Spending accounts (FSA, HSA, LPFSA)

  • The medical flexible spending account allows you to contribute pre-tax, then request reimbursement for approved medical expenses. With the health flexible spending account, your entire yearly contribution amount is available to you immediately for eligible expenses.

  • The dependent careflexible spending account allows you to contribute pre-tax, then request reimbursement for approved dependent care expenses.

  • The health savings account (HSA - for high deductible health plan participants only) allows you to contribute pre-tax, then request reimbursement for approved medical expenses.

    • Individuals who have HSAs may be eligible to enroll in a limited purpose flexible spending account for vision and dental care expenses.

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Sick and annual leave accrual and paid holidays

  • Faculty and staff earn sick and annual leave based on length of service.

  • UGA also has a shared sick leave program in which employees may donate leave to other staff members who are experiencing serious personal illness.

  • The University observes 12 official paid holidays each year.

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Georgia Section 529 Higher Education Savings Plan
You may make contributions to this plan for a beneficiary to use in the future for educational expenses. Qualified withdrawals will be exempt from both federal and Georgia income tax.

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USG Perks 
UGA offers discounts on local and national services & products. See more information here.

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UGA employees who have questions about benefits choices or enrollment can visit the OneUSG Connect - Benefits Website or use the toll-free Call Center: 1-844-587-4236. If you'd like to make an appointment to talk with a benefits counselor, please contact UGA Employee Benefits at 706-542-2222.

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