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We're back! Beginning Monday, August 10th, 2020; University Human Resources (HR) will begin Phase 3 Return to Campus operation which means we will be open during UGA's normal business hours (8 AM till 5 PM, EST). Our offices require face coverings and social distancing guidelines as set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and outlined in the University of Georgia Return to Campus guide.

Please visit the websites below often as each page is subject to change and will be regularly updated.

Important Pages Related to Phase 3 Return to Campus:

Phase 3 Telecommuting/Flexible Scheduling Guidelines

Return to Campus Guidelines for Faculty and Staff

Important Pages Related to COVID-19 Operations

University of Georgia Coronavirus website

University Human Resources Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) website

University Human Resources Frequently Asked Questions website

UGA Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program



Important Updates have been made to the USG Critical Hire Process FAQ - Critical Hire Process FAQs: March 2, 2020

Initiating a position request (Full-time, benefit-eligible Faculty or Staff over $40,000):

Prior to posting a position publicly (internal or external posting) for recruiting purposes, a Request to Fill a Position form must be completed. In order to provide the specific information the USG requires, this must include adequate justification for the critical nature of the position to departmental/unit and University operations. This justification must include why this personnel action is essential to your unit’s and the University’s mission, as well as a description of the critical impacts that would be associated with a hiring delay or denial of approval for this position.  As noted in the form, other relevant information is required, including identification of the funding source for the position(s)—e.g. grant funding.  This information will assist in ensuring an efficient review process of the request.  Please be sure that all signatures (except Provost, President and Chief Business Officer) have been obtained prior to submission.  This form can be found at:

Routing instructions once the Request to Fill Position form has been completed, including required signatures by the Dean, Director or Vice President (including Academic VPs)Please note that to expedite the process, electronic signatures will be accepted and are encouraged.  A Dean/Director/VP can transmit the form via email from their direct email address and this electronic submission from the appropriate Dean/Director/VP will be accepted as an electronic signature in lieu of a signed form.  The form can also be signed and submitted electronically to the emails noted below:

  • Academic and administrative units reporting to the Provost should submit their Request to Fill Position forms via email to the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost as follows:
    • Faculty and post doc requests should be sent to
    • Staff requests should be sent to
    • Offices routing Faculty and Staff requests through the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost include:
      • All Colleges and Schools
      • Vice President for Instruction
      • Vice President for Information Technology
      • Vice President for Public Service and Outreach
      • Vice President for Research
      • University Librarian
      • All Departments that report directly to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Administrative units reporting to the President should send their Request to Fill Position forms to Office of Human Resources via email to (HR will only be administratively gathering and tracking these requests, not approving).
  • Faculty positions do not require additional approval by the USG; however, staff positions with salaries above $40,000 will require USG approval.
  • In order to assist the USG in its review as outlined below, please submit your requests as soon as you are able and allow time for internal and external approvals.
  • Based on additional information provided by the USG, the USG will provide responses no later than Friday at 5pm for requests submitted by USG institutions before 5pm Monday of the same week.
    • Requests submitted after 5pm Monday will be reviewed and acted upon before Friday at 5pm of the following week

The Office of Human Resources will notify requesting units of the approval prior to the requested position being posted publicly (internal and external posting) for recruiting purposes. Any requests not approved by the Provost, President or the USG will be returned to the requesting unit with a notation that the request has not been approved.



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