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Present employee priority (PEP)

The University of Georgia is committed to providing career opportunities for incumbent staff members. One way the Human Resources Division provides assistance with career advancement is by incorporating procedures to allow incumbent UGA employees an opportunity to be referred to job vacancies before the position is opened for recruiting to the general public. The following policy and procedure statements address the manner in which this process can be accomplished.

At the discretion of the employing unit, a classified vacancy announcement may be designated as a PEP position for a minimum duration of five business days. A PEP position is defined by the fact that applications from only current, qualified UGA employees will be referred to that position to constitute the applicant pool. All PEP applicants must be referred through established Employment Department procedures. If the employing unit identifies a successful candidate from this pool, no additional recruiting is required. However, after the minimum five business-day PEP period, if no UGA applicant has been selected, the position may be reopened by the employing unit for recruiting the general public for a minimum of five additional business days. A PEP position will automatically be placed on hold at the end of the PEP-period. UGA applicants may continue to apply during the open period. Student employees, do not qualify for PEP positions.

The decision to list a vacancy as a PEP position rests with the employing unit. PEP positions must be identified at the time the position is initially posted. Use the online position posting form to post your position with the Employment Department.

If a position is identified as being in a job group in which minorities or females are statistically underutilized, it is the responsibility of the employing unit to monitor the pool and recruit accordingly.

If you have questions about PEP procedures, e-mail or call the Employment Department at (706) 542-2222.