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Both teleworking and flextime arrangements can offer a variety of benefits to both the employee and the employer. Here at UGA, these arrangements are established by each college or unit based upon their needs but each must include a justification as to how it benefits the unit, school, and/or institution. As such, the information below serves as a general guide. Each unit may have its own set of principles and stipulations for teleworking arrangements.

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Teleworking arrangements work best when there is an established set of guidelines for all parties involved. Some best practices for employees and supervisors include:

Source: Massachusetts State Government Teleworking Guidance



Any employee teleworking at UGA must have a completed and approved Teleworking/Flextime Agreement on file. To submit an agreement, we recommend the following process:

The supervisor and employee should discuss the feasibility of the teleworking arrangement. This discussion should include the viability of remote work and must ensure that the teleworking arrangement benefits the department, unit, and the university. The Teleworking Self-Assessment Guide (PDF)is a good resource for guiding the conversation between the supervisor and employee. 
The supervisor should discuss the potential telework request with the unit's HR Liaison. Confirm your specific unit's process for submitting these requests including who should approve these requests. 

The supervisor and employee should complete the Teleworking/Flexible Scheduling Agreement. This agreement requests information that should be compiled jointly between the supervisor and employee. 

After the appropriate unit leadership has reviewed and approved the request, University HR Workforce Engagement will review the request to ensure consistency and equity. 

The supervisor will receive an email confirming that University HR has vetted the teleworking/flexible scheduling arrangement as submitted in the request. 



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Designated HR Liaisons will receive emails from Smartsheet thirty (30) days prior to the expiration and on the date of expiration for all Telework/Flextime agreements. These emails will contain step by step instructions for how these agreements may be renewed for either a 6 month or 1 year term.


Note: if there are more than five agreements which renew on the same date, the body of the email from Smartsheet will contain blank rows for each faculty or staff member. Please contact University HR if you receive one of these emails from Smartsheet.



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Teleworking/Flextime policy

Teleworking Self-Assessment Guide (PDF)

Find Your Unit's HR Liaison

Teleworking/Flexible Scheduling Agreement Request