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UGA Guidance: Employee Recruitment Training

1. Faculty, Staff and Student Hiring

a. All individuals involved in the hiring process for faculty, staff and students will be required to complete mandatory recruitment training. The training is comprised of an online module located in UGA’s Professional Education Portal (PEP) and can be accessed at learning management system for the University.  

b. Individuals who are considered the hiring authority, those making the final hiring decision, must complete the required training. The hiring authority includes search committee chairs and managers making the decision based on an interview process.

c. Search committee members or those directly involved in the interview process, including individuals external to UGA, will be required to be trained through UGA’s Professional Education Portal (PEP). Search committee chairs and hiring managers are responsible for ensuring these individuals are trained prior to their engagement in the hiring process.

d. All training efforts must be recorded in the PEP portal for institutional record-keeping purposes as required by the policy.

e. Individuals only need to attend the training once in order to participate in multiple search processes.

f. The search training should be completed each time an individual participates in a search unless the training has been completed at least once within the last year.

g. Exclusions: Individuals who do not have a role in the hiring decision. For example: individuals attending a candidate presentation or voting on a faculty appointment. While these individuals may provide input, they are not directly involved in the full recruitment process.


2. Third Party Search

a.  When a search firm (third party) is engaged to conduct a search for the university, the hiring manager is responsible for confirming the following:

i. The University policy and guidance has been provided to the third party

ii. Training content is provided to the search firm and the consultants engaged in the search (email to receive the materials)

iii. All postings and advertisements are reviewed and confirmed compliant with the university requirements by UHR/OFA

iv. Screening of candidates is compliant with the policy and guidance

b. The hiring manager must follow all guidance in the university policies on recruiting and recruitment training. The hiring manager will ensure that the search committee is properly trained and follows guidance.


3. Information Access

a. A report of course completion will be available through PEP for HR Liaisons to access and validate training completion.

b. Managers will be able to view training completion for their direct reports

c. Hiring managers for a search committee may request a list of the completion for their committee members by contacting