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Certified HR Practitioner


What is a Certified HR Practitioner?       

Women meeting The Certified HR Practitioner (CHRP) role is an all-encompassing, advanced-level human resources user role within UGAJobs, the university’s position management and applicant tracking system. This user role is designed for HR professionals who have moderate to advanced-level experience in UGAJobs and are seeking greater authority and oversight of the departments’ position and applicant management processes. As a CHRP, you serve on behalf of University Human Resources when reviewing and submitting position or applicant tracking actions within UGAJobs.


As a CHRP, you serve on behalf of University Human Resources. As such, you are responsible for the following:

Consulting with departmental leaders on position and applicant management, facilitating system or protocol development to promote HR strategy, and ensuring adherence to University of Georgia and University System of Georgia policies and procedures.
Serve as a division resource on interpreting and applying HR policies and procedures.
Administer departmental protocols and best practices, ensuring that department rules, policies, practices and programs meet legal/regulatory standards and follow University of Georgia, University System of Georgia, State and Federal policies and laws.
Serve as the college/division’s point of contact for responding to audit findings and/or recommendations for actions approved under the CHRP user role.


How do I become a Certified HR Practitioner?    

Suit and Tie The CHRP user role is a bit different than other UGAJobs user roles. Due to the overarching responsibility of this role, there are specific training requirements and recommendations that an employee must adhere to prior to being granted this role and using the CHRP advanced system functionality. 

How do I request Certified HR Practitioner access?    

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Once a practitioners are granted the Certified HR Practitioner (CHRP) user role, they will have immediate access to all CHRP functionality.

While the University Human Resources office highly recommends completing all trainings prior to using this advanced functionality, the management and oversight of the Certified HR Practitioner role and functionality resides under the direction of the departmental HR Liaison or Chief Business Officer.

How to Request the Certified HR Practitioner User Role:

  1. Obtain HR Liaison approval.
  2. Complete each of the related training courses for each of the current CHRP functions
  3. Complete the user request form. (PDF)
  4. Submit approved form to with the subject line "CHRP Access Request."

Note: If you are unsure of the CBO or HR Liaison for your unit, please visit the Departmental Contacts page.

How do I complete the training?   

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All practitioners interested in obtaining the Certified HR Practitioner user role need to complete the UGAJobs Integration Training in the training video library in addition to the trainings available below.

To complete trainings for each Certified HR Practitioner function, click on tiles here