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Organ Donation/Bone Marrow Donation  


An employee who serves as an organ donor is eligible for up to 30 days of paid leave. 


An employee who serves as a bone marrow donor is eligible for up to 7 days of paid leave. 



Military Leave  

An employee who receives orders for active military duty shall be entitled to absent himself or herself from his or her duties and shall be deemed to have a leave of absence with pay for the period of such ordered military duty, and while going to and returning from such duty, not to exceed a total of 18 workdays in any one federal fiscal year (October 1 - September 30) (as authorized by Georgia Law O.C.G.A. ยง 38-2-279[e]). At the expiration of the maximum paid leave time, continued absence by the employee shall be considered as military leave without pay. The employee shall be required to submit a copy of his or her orders to active military duty.

Military Leave


Educational or Professional Development Leave 


A regular employee may be granted educational leave without pay for periods not to exceed one year at a time for the purpose of professional/career development. The employee must receive administrative approval through their department and University Human Resources. 



Medical non-FMLA Leave 

When an employee has a qualifying event but is not eligible for FMLA, their extended absence will be processed as medical/non-FMLA. It is important to note that this leave type is not considered job-protected leave as is FMLA. 


medical nonFMLA



Personal (unpaid) Leave 


Due to unforeseen events or special circumstances, an employee may need extra time away from work for personal reasons. In such cases, an employee may be granted personal leave without pay, if recommended by unit leadership and approved by University Human Resources, for periods not to exceed twelve consecutive months. 



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