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Everyone needs time off occasionally to rest and recharge. It is necessary for you to become familiar with your departmental protocols for requesting leave. It is your responsibility to communicate and ensure that this time away
is approved by your manager/time approver.



A benefits-eligible, twelve month employee is eligible for paid annual leave after being active for 15 days within a month. Leave accruals are pro-rated based on full time equivalency (FTE). 

For monthly employees, the accruals are granted on the last day of the month but are available for use beginning the first of the following month.

For biweekly employees, leave accruals are granted during the pay period that contains the last day of the month but are available for use at any point within that pay period. 

There is a 360 hour/45 day cap on annual leave. Any amount of annual leave that exceeds 360 hours on December 31
will be lost.
More information about leave accural can be found here:

 Full/Partial Benefits-Eligible Twelve-Month Employee Annual Leave Accrual Rate

Time with the University Annual Leave Accrual Amount per Month
< 5 years 10 hours
5 - 9 years 12 hours
10 + 14 hours


Fiscal Contract Faculty, Public Service Professionals, and
Administrative Officers
> 0 14 hours


Nine-Month Contract Faculty

No annual leave earned




Employees request absences by using OneUSG Connect Employee Self-Service. Absences must be approved by your manager/time approver to be processed.

Training Tutorials are found below and can assist you with leave processes:

Submitting an Absence Request
Viewing Your Leave Balance
Viewing Your Submitted Absence Request 



The University observes 13 paid holidays a year! Check out the UGA holiday calendar here:





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