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Looking for mental health resources? A list of  available resources can be found here (PDF). Or, read on below. 


LiveHealth Online  

LiveHealth Online

 LiveHealth Online is available with psychiatrists and psychologists are available for virtual visits. Psychiatrists have the ability to write prescriptions  to treat mental health conditions.

Schedule an appointment from a mobile device or computer today to get started on LiveHealth Online for psychology or  LiveHealth Online for psychiatry!




Employees enrolled in Anthem healthcare plans can speak with a clinician to get matched with a mental health program that is customized to their needs.

Connect with Accolade to get resources, or call 1-866-204-9818 for either a 24/7 nurse line or a standard call, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. ET.




Athens Area Mental Health  

RINTS - Athens Area Mental Health Providers

A searchable database of Athens / UGA area mental health providers

RINTS is a search engine that allows UGA students, faculty, staff, and non-students to search for mental health providers in the Athens community.  The database was designed to help match your mental health needs with a community mental health provider.  When using the search form, you do not need to submit a provider name or agency to get started.






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