Vision insurance


The University System of Georgia has contracted with EyeMed to provide vision insurance for all University System schools.

phone EyeMed customer service: 866-800-5457

The plan covers exams, and helps pay the cost of eyeglasses and lenses. There are benefits for contacts, too. If you choose to buy vision insurance, it will supplement any vision benefits included in your health plan, if your health plan includes wellness vision coverage.

Review the EyeMed vision insurance, including rates and how to find an EyeMed provider (select the "Insight" network and type in your zip code), and access to the Vision Summary Plan Document. 

Faculty, please note: all faculty who are paid on a ten-month payroll basis will have a triple deduction of premiums on their May payroll checks to pay for May, June, and July premiums.

Adding dependents to your coverage
When adding dependents to your insurance, you must provide appropriate documentation to Human Resources.  When dropping dependents from your coverage at times other than open enrollment, you must also provide supporting documentation. Contact HR to learn what type of documentation is needed.

bullet Enroll

New employees:
You must enroll during your first 30 days of employment or wait until the next open enrollment period. Enroll using the MyBenefits@UGA system.

Need help with the MyBenefits@UGA system?

Current employees:

Contact Employee Benefits with any questions you may have: or 706-542-2222.

Revised 1.27.17