As a supervisor at UGA, you need skills to succeed at leading people and managing a variety of job responsibilities. The Supervisory Excellence Program is designed to deliver valuable fundamentals specific to managing at the University of Georgia. Delivering information through instruction, discussion, and experience, supervisors will learn basic employment guidelines and continue enhancing many other workplace skills. Those who wish to maximize the program experience can earn the Certificate in Supervisory Excellence.    



Core objectives of the program:

  • Support the mission of the University of Georgia’s commitment to excellence by learning and enhancing supervisory skills
  • Build campus wide relationships and gain a better understanding of University operations outside your unit
  • Competencies presented can be immediately put into practice to improve personal leadership and the workplace environment of your staff           

Courses listed for the Supervisory Excellence Program are open to all UGA faculty and staff who have current supervisory responsibilities or are aspiring supervisors. Supervisors may take individual classes without pursuing the certificate. For those interested in certificate completion, requirements are listed below. There is no fee for the classes.

A variety of classes will be offered during each Training and Development course session and new classes will be added periodically. Depending on course offerings and scheduling availability, certificate completion may take several months.

Certificate Eligibility

To be eligible for the Certificate in Supervisory Excellence, participants must fulfill these requirements:

  1. Completion of the 2 core classes
  2. Completion of 4 elective classes
  3. Capstone Case Study (final assignment after core and electives satisfied)

A combination of the core and elective classes are offered every training session.

Here's what you need:

All supervisory excellence classes

Self tracker form

For those wishing to pursue the Certificate in Supervisory Excellence, use this form to track your progress. We maintain a record of attendance for all classes at Training & Development and will notify you once the requirements are met for the certificate.

Online elective information

Participants may choose to complete ONE elective course using a self-paced online course. A list of recommended courses will be available with topics ranging from New Manager Fundamentals to Performance Reviews and Coaching Employees.  The online training component of the Supervisory Excellence Program offers a flexible option that participants may complete on their own schedules wherever they have a computer and Internet connection using

Capstone case study information

Participants pursuing the Supervisory Excellence Program Certificate should submit the case study after successful completion of the 2 core and 4 elective courses. Supervisors may take individual classes without pursuing the certificate.

Contact us

For all questions regarding the Supervisory Excellence Program, contact Training and Development at 706-542-7062 or email with the subject line:
Supervisory Excellence Program <Your Name>.

You may also contact Vickie Coker or 706-542-7437 or Allie Cox or 706-542-5760

Additional resources and recommendations for supervisors

Classes and resources offered through Training and Development that are not included in the Certificate in Supervisory Excellence but are recommended for supervisors are:


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