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Hiring departments should use the iPAWS system to post position vacancies.

All questions about hiring procedures may be directed to or 706-542-2222.

new iPAWS Upgrade Information

The University of Georgia will be updating iPAWS, our staff employment site on November 28th, 2017.  The system upgrade includes many new features, as well as a more intuitive application process. 

The Office of Human Resources is working diligently to finalize the launch of the new iPAWS version 7.6 on November 28, 2017.  In order to expedite the final phase of this operation, we are encouraging departments to please close and/or fill any active postings in the current iPAWS 5.8 system. 

11/28/2017      Go Live!
11/20/2017      iPAWS lock out period until Go Live (week of Thanksgiving)
11/19/2017      All postings close; Applicants can no longer apply

     No more actions submitted in 5.8; this includes all Reclassification requests, Modify
     requests, or New position/posting requests.  For additional information regarding the upgrade, see
     the below link

In order to help your unit(s) prepare for the transition, we have prepared a number of FAQs to share key messages regarding the upgrade.

If you need assistance regarding the iPAWS upgrade, please contact


Revised 10/5/2017