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The Position Management and Classification team is happy to assist with any of your reclassification or position modification needs. Position Management is the process by which departments determine how jobs are defined, how many positions are needed, and what the organizational structure should look like.

Job Evaluation Process

A request for reclassification or new position may be submitted by the department HR or Business Office through UGA’s position management system - IPAWS. All reclassification actions in IPAWS must be submitted with a completed Job Evaluation packet, along with an official organizational chart demonstrating the proposed changes, and the resume of the position’s incumbent. These documents should be combined into one PDF and attached to the IPAWS action under the “memo” designation.

The job evaluation packet will be reviewed for completion before acceptance, and all incomplete forms will be returned to the department. The department will be notified of the acceptance or return of job evaluation materials within 1-3 business days of submission.

Once all of the job evaluation materials have been accepted (job evaluation packet, organizational charts, and resume), the Classification team will begin a preliminary review of relevant materials before scheduling a position evaluation interview with pertinent stakeholders. This could include, but is not limited to: the incumbent, the incumbent’s supervisor, and any other critically involved parties. This process may take place over the phone or in person, and is typically scheduled on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

After reviewing the job evaluation materials and notes from the position evaluation meetings, the Classification team will collaborate to reach a final determination of classification. This decision will be communicated back to the department via IPAWS/email along with a justification for the decision.


User Access: Hiring departments should use the iPAWS system for

Position Management

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