Kaiser Permanente HMO health plan


Kaiser Permanente facility in Athens: 2142 W. Broad Street, 30606

Kaiser Permanente (in-house) primary care physician required

Kaiser Permanente plan participants must use physicians located in the Kaiser Permanente facility as their primary care physicians (PCP). If specialized care is needed, your KP PCP will refer you to Kaiser Permanente-affiliated physicians in the community.

View the 2016 premium and coverage information (comparison of all 2016 health plans).

New View the 2017 premium and coverage information (comparison of all 2017 health plans).

What about health insurance when I retire?

Information for new hires (after 1/1/2013) regarding employer healthcare contributions for retirees.

Adding dependents to your coverage
When adding dependents to your health or dental insurance, you must provide appropriate documentation to Human Resources. If you do not provide this documentation, your dependent will NOT be added to your coverage. When dropping dependents from your coverage at times other than open enrollment, you must also provide supporting documentation. Contact HR to learn what type of documentation is needed.

bullet  Enroll

New hires must enroll during their first 30 days of employment or wait until the next open enrollment period each fall. To enroll, use the MyBenefits system.

If you have any questions about your benefits options, please contact Employee Benefits at 706-542-2222 or e-mail benefits@uga.edu.


Revised 1.26.17