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When you marry, you may enroll your spouse and other new dependents for coverage under your health plan (and other benefits listed below).

What you need to do
To enroll your spouse for health coverage, send an email to Be sure to include in the email:

  • Your name
  • The life event (marriage)
  • Date of life event
  • The name of the spouse (and other eligible dependents)

Read what documentation is required to verify your marriage. If you are covered under one of the health plans sponsored by the University System of Georgia (USG), you have 31 days to add your new spouse/dependents.

You may not change from one health care plan to another (Open Access POS, HSA Open Access POS, etc.) at this time. You must wait until the open enrollment period to change plans.

When coverage begins
If you submit your request to add your new spouse and/or new dependents within the required timeframe of the plan, you may choose coverage for your new spouse (and dependents) to become effective:

• The date of the life event or
• The first of the month following the date of the life event

If you do not submit your request for coverage change within the 31-day period following your life event, the spouse and other new dependents cannot be added until the next open enrollment period.

Other benefits to consider
As a result of your marriage, you may also be able to make changes to some of your other benefits. For a marriage mid-year qualifying event, you may enroll yourself, as well as any eligible dependents not already on your policy, within the timeframes dictated for the plans listed below. The coverage is effective the first of the month following receipt of your request via email to and receipt of the necessary documentation.

Contact the Office of Employee Benefits (706-542-2222) for information about the following:

  • Dental insurance (you may add your spouse or new dependents ONLY if you are currently enrolled in the dental benefit. If you choose not to add your spouse or new dependents at this time, you might NOT be allowed to add them later.)
  • Spouse or dependent life insurance
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Medical and dependent flexible spending accounts
  • Tax withholding

If you have any questions about your benefits options, please contact Employee Benefits at 706-542-2222 or e-mail