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Consumer Choice HSA health plan

The Consumer Choice HSA health plan is a high deductible health plan. IMPORTANT -- Individuals with J-1/J-2 Visa status are not eligible to select the HSA Open Access POS health plan.

Consumer Choice HSA health plan:

View the 2016 premium and coverage information (comparison of all 2016 health plans).

New View the 2017 premium and coverage information (comparison of all 2017 health plans).

Pharmacy plan

For 2017:

Your Blue Cross Blue Shield health card is also your pharmacy card.


phone Blue Cross Blue Shield customer service: 800-424-8950

What about health insurance when I retire?
Information for new hires (after 1/1/2013) regarding employer healthcare contributions for retirees.

Adding dependents to your coverage
When adding dependents to your health or dental insurance, you must provide appropriate documentation to Human Resources. If you do not provide this documentation, your dependent will NOT be added to your coverage. When dropping dependents from your coverage at times other than open enrollment, you must also provide supporting documentation. Contact HR to learn what type of documentation is needed.


NEW Expecting a baby? Join Future Moms, a program to help you through pregnancy and delivery. Learn more about Future Moms.

castlight tool

This plan is eligible for the castlight comparison tool, helping you shop for healthcare by cost and quality.
Click here to register for castlight.

bullet  Enroll

New hires must enroll during their first 31 days of employment or wait until the next open enrollment period each fall. To enroll, use the MyBenefits@UGA system.

Health Savings Accounts

Indivduals who enroll in the Consumer Choice HSA plan are eligible to open a health savings account (HSA). UGA has an agreement with U.S. Bank whereby you may contribute to your HSA via pre-tax payroll deduction. You are not required to use U.S. Bank, but if you choose another HSA, you will NOT be able to use the payroll deduction feature and therefore, will not receive any match money as described below. If you enroll in the Consumer Choice HSA plan, you will receive a welcome letter to your home address from U.S. Bank. HSAs roll over from year to year. View the spending account snapshot to review your spending account options.

Limited purpose flexible spending account (LPFSA)
Employees contributing to HSAs are eligible to enroll in an LPFSA for dental and vision care expenses only. This allows you to make more pre-tax contributions. The LPFSA is a use-it-or-lose-it account, so you should plan conservatively.

Employer match

Employees who open a U.S. Bank HSA are eligible to receive an annual employer “match” for contributions to their health savings accounts, based on their own contributions via payroll deduction. For 2015:

  • Employees with individual coverage can receive a maximum match of $375.
  • Employees with more than individual coverage can receive a maximum match of $750.
  • If you do not make any contributions via payroll deduction to a HealthHub HSA, you will not receive any matching money.

Which preventive care procedures are covered at 100% for the Consumer Choice HSA? View the Blue Cross Blue Shield preventive health guidelines.

Locating providers in the Consumer Choice HSA health plan network:

You may call Blue Cross Blue Shield using the toll-free customer service number (1-800-424-8950) on the back of your health insurance card or use the instructions below to find providers.

Inside Georgia and
outside Georgia (within the U.S.)

Go to

  • Select "Find a Doctor"
  • Either select your health plan or choose to find a doctor outside the state of Georgia
(includes Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and U.S. Virgin Islands)

Access to provider information through BlueCard Worldwide Access Line – 1-800-810-BLUE (2583) or call collect at 1-804-673-1177

What is BlueCard Worldwide?

BlueCard Worldwide enables BCBS Plan members traveling or living abroad to obtain medical assistance and inpatient, outpatient and professional services from healthcare providers worldwide.

A sample listing of hospitals are available on the internet on (click on “Find a Doctor or Hospital”, then click on “locate doctors worldwide.”)

Your Optum HSA


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