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Health insurance at UGA

This information is only a summary of the benefits available to University System of Georgia (USG) employees. The provisions and details of each plan described in this document are governed by the contracts negotiated by the University System of Georgia. All benefits are subject to change at the discretion of  the USG. If there is a difference between the information in this summary and the actual benefit contracts, the terms and conditions of the contracts prevail.

The University System of Georgia offers its benefit-eligible employees a choice of four medical plans. The USG health plans are specifically designed to help employees avoid severe financial difficulty when facing catastrophic medical expenses.

Premium rates are adjusted periodically to maintain the plans on a sound financial basis. Premiums are deducted from your payroll check before federal, state, and FICA taxes are applied.

Please note: all faculty who are paid on a ten-month payroll basis will have a triple deduction of premiums on their May payroll checks to pay for May, June, and July premiums.

Health insurance enrollment:

If you wish to enroll in the University System health plan, you must do so within 30 days of your employment date using the MyBenefits enrollment system. If you do not enroll during this period, you must wait until the annual open enrollment period, unless you experience an IRS-approved life event change

Plan to attend one of the benefits overview sessions, held twice a month for new hires.

New-hire health coverage start dates:

Read more about benefits coverage start dates.

Eligible employees may choose one of four health plans: 

check mark The health insurance plans through UGA offer 100% coverage for qualified wellness coverage. View more information about wellness coverage.

Continuation of health care benefits after employment (COBRA):

 If your employment has been terminated, you may be eligible to continue your UGA health insurance. View additional information about COBRA.


Revised 05.24.17