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Hiring department checklist

  1. If your new employee is eligible for health and welfare benefits, be sure he/she reads about benefits choices on the HR web site. Please encourage your new hire to attend an optional benefits overview session, held the first & third Mondays each month at the Learning & Development Center from 9:00-10:30am. No registration is required to attend. Call HR (706-542-2222) if you have questions.
  2. Answer questions about policies covered in the onboarding presentation. Ensure the new hire completes the onboarding process.
  3. Access the onboarding system to complete Section 2 of the I-9 by reviewing appropriate documents provided by the employee.
  4. All newly-hired employees are requried to complete the BOR Ethics Basic online course and must be added to eLC in order to complete the training. Ensure the new hire knows how to access the BOR Ethics Basic course (on the HR home page). New employees will not be able to see the USG BOR Ethics Basic course until their departmental liaison has added them to eLC.
  5. Ensure all new hires log in and complete the Secure UGA course (EITS) online training:
  6. Discuss parking and getting an appropriate parking permit.
  7. To obtain a MyID, visit the MyID home page ( and select "Request a MyID."
  8. Introduce new employee to staff. Provide an organizational chart. Tour the work area. Describe the primary purpose of the unit. Help him/her understand how his/her position fits in to your organization.
  9. Discuss your departmental emergency sheltering and evacuation plan and other safety concerns specific to your workplace.
  10. Discuss work attire, lunch and break times, working hours, and inclement weather procedures.
  11. Discuss pay schedule, overtime and compensatory time, leave procedures.
  12. Discuss probationary period, performance evaluations, and the job description.
  13. Encourage the new employee to come to you for information and assistance.


Revised 07/19/16