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Milestone terms

  • Job Mapping to Recommended Pay Structure
    UHR compensation is using the market-based benchmarking from the Deloitte comp analysis to update the pay structure for the organization (no impacts to university community currently – this is a behind the scenes activity to prepare for the new comp/classification model).

  • Procure/Implement Compensation Software for Central Users
    Compensation is working to obtain software that will provide increased clarity around market matches, reporting, analytics, and dashboards around compensation. The goal of this software is to be able to provide units with more information while also speeding up the analysis process on salary requests.

  • Performance Management Development in PEP (Professional Education Portal)
    Working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and HR staff to determine the Performance Management tool details and the procedures for implementing the tool to the organization (no impacts to university community currently – this is a behind the scenes activity to build the tool that will be implemented).

  • Function & Unit Validation Meetings
    These meetings will provide an opportunity for stakeholders in each unit to provide valuable information and feedback regarding the job mapping (including family, function, classification, and classification level) mentioned above and other pieces of the project to ensure that we're capturing each unit's needs in the new compensation/classification structure.

  • Unit Training for Performance Management
    Training opportunities for employees, supervisors, and practitioners to learn how to use the new tool and understand the procedures that come with the new performance management layout.

  • Unit Training for Compensation & Classification
    Training opportunities for employees, supervisors, and practitioners to better understand the new compensation/classification structure and how it impacts classifications, career progression, and talent development.

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