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Paid leave and holidays

The University recognizes the need to be away from your job and, when possible, provides you with compensation for that time through annual leave, sick leave, and holiday pay. You may submit an absence request within OneUSG Connect to request annual or sick leave.

Annual leave   

Annual leave can be used for vacations and other absences as long as the leave is taken at times mutually acceptable to you and your supervisor. A maximum of 360 hours or 45 days may be rolled over annually.

Annual leave is earned as follows:

Employee status

 Continuous years of service

Leave hours earned per month

 Classified employee



Over 10




Fiscal contract faculty
Public Service Professionals
Administrative officers



9-mo. contract faculty

No annual leave time earned

Sick leave

Classified employees as well as academic and fiscal contract faculty members earn sick leave at the rate of 8 hours per month, with no limit on the amount which may be accumulated.


The University observes 12 official paid holidays each year. View the schedule of the holidays.




Revised 9/9/2019