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Long-term disability insurance


UGA's Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance plan provides you partial income replacement if you are unable to work for at least 90 days as a result of serious illness or injury. The cost of the plan is determined by your salary and age. Premiums for the plan are deducted from your payroll check.

phone To file a disability claim: (1) Call 866-832-5759 (Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 11:00pm, EST) and (2) complete the Leave Declaration for Disability Claims form.

Please note: all faculty who are paid on a ten-month payroll basis will have a triple deduction of premiums on their May payroll checks to pay for May, June, and July premiums.

MetLife long-term disability insurance provides 60% salary replacement in the event you are unable to work for at least 90 days due to serious illness or injury. The cost of the plan is based on your salary. The rate for 2017 is .266% / $100 of covered salary. Enroll using the MyBenefits@UGA system.

For example, if your gross monthly salary is $2500, your monthly premium would be 25 x .266% or only $6.65 per month. Per LTD plan rules, individuals with pre-existing conditions are not allowed to file claims for that condition for 365 days.

See below for enrollment instructions. You may enroll during your first 31 days of employment or during the annual open enrollment period.

View details about the MetLife LTD plan, including details for filing a claim and access to the Disability Summary Plan Document.

The LTD plan coordinates with other income replacement plans you may receive as a result of your disability. LTD coordinates with other types of income benefit plans including, but not limited to, annual leave, sick leave, Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability, and retirement plans such as the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia. In the event you are disabled, if you receive at least 60% of your monthly income from one or more of these other income benefit plans, you will still receive $100 per month from the LTD plan. If the other income benefit plans do not provide you with at least 60% of your lost monthly income, LTD will make up the difference so the plans together provide you with 60% of your income.

bullet  Enroll

To enroll, use the MyBenefits system.

If you have any questions about your benefits options, please contact Employee Benefits at 706-542-2222 or e-mail

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